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Our Management Services

The duties and services offer by M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd will be in compliance with the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act 2004 and outlined as follows:

Financial Management

  • Advising on and maintaining records of insurance and attention to claims.
  • Calculation of total annual operating costs and advise as to the recommended level of service charges and submission to the Management Council for consideration and approval.
  • Collection of service charges and other incomes.
  • Payment recording and recovering where appropriate of all outgoings.
  • Maintenance of a comprehensive record of owners and contractors for accounting and other purpose.
  • Issuance of demand notes for maintenance contributions and other charges.
  • Follow up with arrears and taking necessary legal action against defaulters.
  • Presentation of monthly statement of income and expenditure and annual accounts with budgets.
  • To liaise with the appointed Auditor for the auditing of the Accounts for the Management Corporation.

Operations Management

  • Attending to complaints and inquiries.
  • Establish and maintain good relationship with the subsidiary proprietors/occupants of your estate.
  • Advise on selection of contractors.
  • Routine inspections (once a week) for building components and M&E services.
  • Arranging and supervising repair works.
  • Arranging of emergency repairs.
  • Arranging and supervising of the maintenance of the common areas including the car park, electrical installations, mechanical & electrical services, sanitary & plumbing services and other services as may be necessary
  • Purchasing and maintaining the necessary stocks of essential building supplies and spare parts.
  • All such other services necessary for the efficient management, maintenance and running of your development.