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About Us

M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd understands that choosing the right Managing Agent is of utmost importance and not to be taken lightly. As such, we do not attempt to win over your project based on fee. M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd assures the management council that we are committed to giving your Condominium personalized quality, reliability ,professional services and specialized in-house expertise because we care and, we are concerned not to over commit.

The Management Team

We have recognized that the single and important contributor to the success of the managing process is the caliber of people that we can rely upon to perform and to deliver. Without the right mix of professional and dedicated personnel, the team structure which forms the very foundation of our approach will not function to its best.

M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd recognizes that our site staffs are our most important asset and therefore look at timely and appropriate staff development as critical to the ongoing success of our management contact.

Our approach to the implementation of property management services is governed by the overriding requirement for a completely smooth transition without any gaps in the provision of services. In essence, our transition plan runs for 4 to 6 weeks.

From the time the contract is awarded, M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd will establish a transition team comprising of senior management staff, operations staff, finance, information technology, and quality assurance executive staff drawn from the Head Office to start up the operation on site. The team will establish the management offices immediately after initial start-up meetings, while simultaneously launching a communication program to inform incumbent management team, contractors and service providers of our implementation program.

M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd envisage that the main contractors will be available during the transition period to ensure a comprehensive handover and conducting explanation of systems, and information.

M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd has the ability to mobilize and to use existing induction systems for our operational personnel. This will be critical in the transition phrase for us to start up.

Our Executive Team Profile

Our Corporate Structure