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Welcome to RealtyLink Consultancy

RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd (RLC) was incorporated in February 1999 to provide a comprehensive one-stop service in the field of real estate investment, consultancy, agency, estate management services catering to your every property needs.

The firm has successfully obtained the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for Property Management Services including Financial Management And Budgetary Planning Control. RLC has also been accredited by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) / Association of Property and Facilities Management (APFM) under a scheme to enhance the professionalism of property management firms in Singapore.

Moreover, our company has in-house IT team to provide customized e-solutions for the client at a very competitive cost.

Our Core Element

Property Management and Facilities Management are the forte and core element in M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd. We have the experience, expertise, knowledge and resources to provide property and facility management services to the expected standard but at a relatively low cost. The Company is committed to utilize all its resources to maintain and improve our customer service.

Our Uniqueness

M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd has a unique tool in the form of web-enabled software platform that will launch us with the added enhanced capability to improve customer care management.

Our Fees

Our management fees are realistically and reasonably worked out based on the scope of services required by our clients, the customizations needed to suit the clients' requirement and finally based on the terms of appointment. While we have intended for our fees to be reasonable and competitive, we have set it at a level to provide the right balance for service level and the caliber of the personnel required to manage your condominium professionally.

Our Promise

M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd is committed to and confident that it will be able to deliver the full range of services under the contract; the management of M/s RealtyLink Consultancy Pte Ltd drawing from our in-house expertise and experience to provide the strategic and value added requirements, along with the management of the day to day service delivery.